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Foreign Policy

Although it sometimes seems there are an avalanche of problems in America, let’s begin this section from a place of profound gratitude.  Yes, we face challenges. But in the whole scheme of history, we’re in pretty great shape.

The United States of America is not a flimsy, fragile country. America has overcome horrific atrocities, from the horrors of slavery, to brothers fighting brothers in the Civil War, to the nightmare of the Depression, to the unfathomable murders of Kennedys and King. Our incredibly resilient country survived two horrific World Wars, one very hot war in Asia, and one very cold one.

Above all, every single one of us should be profoundly grateful to live in this extraordinary country.  The fact that we can even have this website — and have unlimited freedom to even suggest a new political party with the comforting knowledge that not one single person in this country can stop us — is remarkable.  It’s just awesome.

Please don’t get the wrong impression. Surely you know by now that we're not minimizing the struggles and stress that American families feel on a daily basis, nor are we downplaying the magnitude of the problems we need to fix.  But it’s really — really! — important that we all remember exactly what we are fighting to save.

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